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Primavera Solution Health Check / Engineering Study

Helping You Achieve your Goals

The Affine Consulting P6 Health Check and Engineering Study prepares your organization by providing a foundational understanding of your current systems configuration health (health check), its integration with your process and culture (engineering study) with a plan to bring success to your STO event and capital project schedules. 

The Problem

The Effect of Schedule Platform Poor Performance

Top performing organizations know that a clear picture of a or solution health provides a keystone for continued improvement and execution success. This is especially true in asset intensive industries where both implemented systems such as the Oracle Primavera Portfolio, Program, and Project Management Platform (EPPM) and the STO events and capital projects they represent have a critical impact on profitability and market position.

The Solution

Companies perform a project health check for a multitude of reasons.  The main drivers are:

  1. To ensure STO Event and or Project success

  2. Ensure repeatable positive outcomes

  3. Capitalize on project strengths

  4. Identify areas for improvement

  5. Support Enterprise system upgrades and or implementations

The Health Check and Engineering Study provides a solution review, assessment and analysis of existing Primavera use and processes as they relate to your unique solution requirements both tactically and strategically. Our consulting team delivers recommendations on best practices for P6 and the processes they support.

The Benefits

By partnering with Affine Consulting, you will improve solution performance, reduce implementation or upgrade risk, minimize disruption and accelerate your anticipated return on investment.  We will provide you a comprehensive report of your AS IS solution, identified GAPS impacting your ability to fully apply the solution capabilities for STO event or capital project scheduling, and a plan to address challenges.  The Affine Consulting Team provides full range of professional services to ensure you get the most from your Primavera solution. By partnering with Affine Consulting, you will improve solution performance, reduce implementation or upgrade risk, minimize disruption and accelerate your anticipated return on investment. 

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Schedule Health Check

Optimizing Readiness through Schedule Health

The Problem – The Effect of Poor Schedules

The integrity of a STO event critical path method schedule is one of the critical factors in improving a STO’s likelihood of success. There is a well-established correlation between the quality, or soundness, of a project schedule and the resulting execution performance.  Yet, the industry documents that over 80% of turnarounds experience cost overruns, CPM scheduling is implemented on less than 20% of all turnarounds, and approximately 50% of turnarounds suffer schedule slips. In short, the vast majority of turnarounds fail to meet management expectations. Validating the schedule quality and completeness and alignment to scope and plan are critical to improving STO event execution.

The Solution – Affine Consulting STO Schedule Assessment

While evaluating the schedule quality, during both planning and monitoring & controlling, it is important to make assessments from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective. A quantitative assessment of schedule quality is based on measurable criteria rooted in industry-defined scheduling best practices. Affine Consulting will provide both qualitative and quantitative analysis of your STO schedule ensuring it reflects the scope, strategy, and detail job plan.

The Benefits – Results that Matter

There is a positive correlation between sound project scheduling and the successful on-time STO event execution. While a sound plan cannot be held solely responsible for this driving success factor, it has shown that it is a highly significant one. 

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