Asset Management and STO

I started my morning routine of coffee and reviewing new articles and posts and came across one published by BIC Magazine, 'Huntsman, Olin share strategic tips for turnaround success' by Nancy Ford, September 9, 2020. Why this was different was the fact that it focused on turnarounds as a part of a continuous process of the asset life cycle and integral to plant reliability.

Randy Pound, Global Director of Maintenance for Olin pointed out that turnarounds are often judged by duration, recordable injuries, and overall quality of the execution process; however they should also be judged as a part of integrated asset reliability. It is an important point.

The Turnaround Execution Plan should include integration into the organizations Asset Management Policy and executed as a planned part of the integrated Strategic Asset Management Plan and the departmental Asset Management Plans (as defined in ISO 55000 - Asset Management) typically developed for each major asset classification. I've had the privilege on working with leading work execution platforms designed to optimize these short duration high risk and high cost events. Asset Management strategies designed to improve reliability should be fully incorporated into these platforms and are often not a part of the requirements discussions.

The article also rightly addresses the need for the turnaround to be treated as a standardized process. Affine Consulting has created an architecture template to be used within Primavera Professional or EPPM providing 3 projects for the portfolio of turnaround projects, pre-outage (or front-end loading), outage execution, and post-outage to include implementing formalized lessons learned and application of captured data for continuous process improvement of work planning, work execution, data capture supporting reliability management (to include failure modes and failure codes). Each template can have logic ties between them to show impacts of planning issues or risks on the effective execution of planned scope.

Ensuring your Asset Management Policy with line-of-site alignment to work processes and key performance indicators can assist ensuring your organization realizes the benefits of systems reliability and an improved bottom line including during turnarounds!

Doug Kibler

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