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Essentials for the traveling scheduler

Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage, and Capital Project Schedulers require on-site deployment as a virtual Affine office in support of our customer scheduling requirements.

Welcome to your site for tips and tricks in successfully executing your scheduling assignment! In this highly autonomous role you can find yourself as the sole scheduling professional within a large customer organization. Connecting with your Affine Consulting support team and scheduler user group will be an important tool for assistance and ideas throughout your engagement.

Engaging with Affine Consulting's Home Office

“Affine has dedicated account managers for each of its engagements. They are your direct link to all of your essential corporate services”

If you have an inquiry for Affine Consulting human resources, communicating opportunities, customer relations, and field support, your account manager is your primary communication path.

Accessing Standards and Guidelines

Customers will often have all scheduling guidelines, methodologies, detailed procedures, and policies you require to be successful within their organization. In some cases, they require creation and or modification to optimally deliver a high quality schedule. The Affine Scheduler Scheduler User Group can provide you with needed templates and other work products to assist in this effort. Work closely with your account manager to determine if this support should be its own scope of work.

Setting the Standard

“Begin with the End In Mind” Stephen Covey

Communicate early with your client lead to define work scope, delivery milestones, and expectations. Fully define the activities required to meet and exceed the customer requirements. Use the power of the Affine Consulting support team and this user group to aid in this objective.

Get Inspired

Approach each assignment as a personal goal in work product quality. Going above and beyond with ideas for continuous process improvement will be recognized by Affine Consulting and our customers.

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